Valka city Ādama Tērauda school

This buildig as primary school was built in 1923. In World War II here was situated garrison headquarters of soviet army. It was called “city in the city”, because behind the high fence was even their own shop, hospital, boiler house and caffe. Army was left this place in the end of 1980th. This building was the most splendid building in the town.

Valka J. Cimze Gymnasium

The building was constructed from 1929 to 1930 by the Project of the architect from Ministry of education. Around the school is beautiful garden with extensive grassland, apple-garden and central statute- fountain. In the other side of school building have stayed old remains of fortification. In the sports hall are taking place different sport competitions.

Valka Art school

The Art school was built in 1990. Reconstruction works were finished in 2012 and new Art school were opened for studies for children from Valka and Valga. Studies are offered in 3 languages – latvian, estonian and russian. In Art school are taking place exhibitions of pupil artistic works.

Only Art Nouveau Building in Valka

The building was constructed in 1902 in the Art Nouveau style. Originally, the red brick building with white mortar ornamentation was the site of the Valka county government, and later, in Soviet times, of the militia. Following the tradition, it is now a Latvian national police office. The building as a tourist site can only be viewed from the outside!

Valka Cultural Centre building

The Valka Cultural centre building was built in 1924. This is one of the best examples of the quasi – Neoclassical style in Latvian architecture. Currently there are local government amateurs at the Valka City Culture House, concerts and theatrical shows are displayed, and various exhibitions are displayed in the small room on the 2nd floor.