Valga Prison Camp Cemetery

During the Second World War, there was a camp for prisoners of war in the territory of the current Priimets Industrial Estate where the former stables of the Estonian Army had been converted into prisons. The Stalag 351 Camp was founded in summer 1941 for captured soldiers fighting in the Red Army and Camp 187 for German prisoners of war was founded instead of it in 1944.

Paju Battle Memorial

One of the most important battles of the War of Independence took place near the Paju Manor on 31 January 1919. The Northern Sons Regiment that consisted of Finnish volunteers also fought for the independence of Estonia over here. The most legendary commander in the War of Independence, Lieutenant Julius Kuperjanov, was fatally injured in the battle. The battle memorial is a granite pillar on a three-level pyramid, which was reopened on the 75th anniversary of the battle on 30 January 1994.