Twin-town Valga-Valka was first mentioned in 1286 in the credit register of the city of Riga under the German name WALK. Walk, a not fortified settlement in the heart of Old Livonia was chosen as the location for town assembly days for 36 times up to 1500. On June 11th, 1584 Walk was granted town privileges by Stefan Batory, King of Poland since the area was part of the Kingdom of Poland from the läte 16th century to the early 17th century.The city was heavily ravaged by the Great Northern War and it took a generation to increase the population of the city up to 400 people.



The twin-town ValgaValka is located at the southern border of Estonia and the northern border of Latvia. Valga is the administrative centre of Valga Municipality and Valka is the administrative centre of Valka Municipality. Despite its small size ValgaValka reaches two countries, boasting two languages and cultures making the town an interesting holiday destination. Where else could you stand, one foot in one country, holding “jäätis” (ice cream in Estonian) in your left hand and other foot in another country, holding “saldejums” (ice cream in Latvian) in your right hand?




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