Lugaži Evangelical Lutheran Church

The first written record of the church dates from 1477. Different historical styles can be seen in the exterior in the church, it is due to the church had to be rebuilt and repaired after frequent wars.The church is currently active. The church tower nowadays is used as view platform with splendid view of Valka and Valga- one city, two countries

The Open-air stage

The Open-air stage for song and dance festivals was built in 1969. Its architecture is emphasized by the river Pedele, which flows between the stage and the audience.The attractive, well-maintained surroundings are a great settig for cultural and sports events. Stage has places for 2000 people and audience about 2000 seats.

Latvian-Estonian national boundary

A place where is a unique opportunity to be in the city centre at the same time in two countries.With one leg standing in Latvia, with the other in Estonia, holding “ice cream” in one hand, in the other hand “jäätis”. Which ice cream will melt more quickly – in the north of Latvia or in the south of Estonia. Listen, the frogs are fluttering in Latvian or Estonian language.