Janis Cimze memorial stone

The memorial stone in Cimzes cemetery was placed in 1887 at Cimze’s grave by his students and admirers. The Latvian, Estonian and German text says that “it is dedicated to the teacher of teachers” by a “thanksful Vidzeme”. For Cimze’s birth centenary a bas-relief portrait of Cimze was added to the memorial stone.

Monument to Kārlis Ulmanis

Kārlis Ulmanis was the first Prime ministre of Latvia. On November 15th, 1918 Kārlis Ulmanis, leader of the Agrarian Union, initiative council meeting, where decides that after 3 days on November 18th, 1918 in Riga, there shall be a public act – Latvian national declaration of independence. Today You can take a Picture next to the oak, which was planted in the same square park by Kārlis Ulmanis.