Ērģemes ruins

Ērģeme ruins are a national monument of history and archeology. Have been built around the year 1320. The castle is built of the local boulders, bricks and lime mortar. The outer wall of the castle forms a regular quadrilateral, each with a length of 70 meters. The castle is a convent-type castle with two large fortification towers. The castle was surrounded by ditches filled with water. The front with the central part was linked by a lift bridge.

Bride’s stone

Legend says: Ancient times Estonians came to Latvia to pillage. Those soldiers` wifes accompanied them and stayed near Pedeles river to wait for their coming back. Wifes waited for a long time, but husbands didn’t come, so they went into the river because of deep sorrow. Only one promised to wait all her life. A wife waited and cried till her soul and body became a stone which is in that place where sat that wife.